Guardianship: Protecting Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves

Guardianship in Clearwater FloridaAn important part of what is commonly called elder law is guardianship. When a court finds that an individual is incapacitated, or no longer capable of making sound decisions on their own, another person will be appointed to handle their affairs. It is critical to have an attorney that will petition the court and draft the documents necessary to be properly appointed. If the documentation is not in order, the action of the guardian could be questioned and even be illegal. For seniors in Clearwater, Gary Fernald is a lawyer that will make sure your guardianship papers are completed with precision to the letter of the law.

Guardianship is also common for children that have had one or both parents pass away. When a minor is the beneficiary of significant sums of money, the courts will often seek to protect those assets from adults that would try to take advantage of the situation. If you are caring for a child, the advice of a lawyer is invaluable in understanding the laws. Further, if the minor in question needs access to the funds for living expenses or even something simple like tuition or braces, an attorney will help you navigate the court system. Gary Fernald has been working with the judges in the Clearwater area for decades now, and knows the ins and outs of the system. Guardianship can quickly become complex when several parties get involved and it can quickly get emotional. In situations like these, it is absolutely critical to know what the law says – emotions do not rule the court room, the law does. If you genuinely care for the minors in question, you must arm them with the appropriate representation to ensure they are not taken advantage of. At the Law Office of Gary Fernald, we devote ourselves to every client, bridging the gap of understanding the law and making sure your rights, and the rights of whom you are acting as a Guardian for are not infringed upon.