Estate Planning & Administration
Probate & Guardianship

Protecting the interests, assets and wishes of individuals and families

Everyone needs an accurate and carefully administered estate plan, no matter their age or family status. We will help you plan your estate.

Our clients know that their loved ones and assets are protected from costly court costs, and their wishes are properly carried out.

We establish a wide variety of trusts including living trusts (revocable and irrevocable), testamentary trusts, special needs trusts and Medicaid income trusts. We provide ethical and reliable trust administration services for minors, charities and other beneficiaries.

Having served in the field of guardianship services for a combined 50+ years, our team at the law offices of Thompson & Fernald is one of the most prominent and experienced in Clearwater.

Have questions about how to prepare for nursing home care, and healthcare costs in the older years? We will help you put a plan in place.

If you have questions about any aspect of elder law, as an individual, attorney, state government official, or guardian, we are here to consult.

SINCE 1988

Our job is to ensure your estate and rights are legally protected. We take our duty for each client very seriously – whether we are providing legal advice, or executing legal documents. If you need estate planning services and legal assistance with trusts, wills, probate, and any matter pertaining to power of attorney, health care surrogacy, living wills or guardianship, call for a free initial consultation today.

Established, Professional & Compassionate

We provide comprehensive estate, trust, probate, medicaid planning and guardianship services. For all aspects of legal administration regarding estate, wills and elder law, or for administration of guardianship, we are here to help.


From estate planning—including creating a will, administering estates, and setting up trusts for minors—to all aspects of probate law, our team will help you ensure your assets are properly handled.


Our legal services protect individuals declared incapacitated from extortion and neglect. We help guardians ensure medical and financial decisions are made according to the law.


You can avoid exhausting your assets on long-term nursing home care, disability expenses, and medical bills by properly planning ahead. We are here to help with Medicaid planning, and all aspects of elder rights and law.

Meet the Team

Our team has worked together for over two decades. Learn more about what makes our team work so well together, and for so long.

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Gary Fernald

Robert Thompson

Cheryl Lynn Watson

Kehia Jacobs


Hear first-hand from our clients about our dedication, expertise, and how much we care about making sure your rights are protected.

Barbara M.

Gary Fernald has been my attorney for over 15 years. He is very caring and has always protected my interests and provided excellent estate planning services. His staff is always available to answer any questions and they treat me like family. I would highly recommend Gary and his staff to anyone needing estate planning services."

Laura P.

I don't know what I would have done after the sudden and unexpected death of my husband of 30 years with Gary Fernald and his staff. They helped me through the estate process with care, concern, efficiency, and patience. They made sure to explain everything to me in great detail and clarified things I didn't understand. I highly recommend Gary and his staff to anyone needing such services."

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