Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is a state and federally administered assistance program. It is widely known as a medical safety net for those with low incomes and assets. However, there are Medicaid strategies that help to protect assets for special needs and qualify those who exceed the income cap. This means that there is a possibility for those who need long-term nursing care to obtain government financial support without having to forfeit their homes or assets.

Applying for Medicaid while protecting your assets requires the careful eye of a Medicaid planning attorney. Your legal advocate, Gary Fernald, and his team, will review your finances, and develop an asset protection plan that protects both your and your spouse’s financial security.

If you would like to plan for Medicaid use in advance, or if you have an immediate need for Medicaid and would like to plan your estate accordingly, please contact Gary Fernald’s Clearwater office today!  Call 727 447-2290 or contact us to arrange a consultation.