Probate & Estate Administration

We work with personal representatives, sometimes known as executors, to process all aspects of estates through probate. We oversee the collection, valuation, liquidation and distribution of estate assets, while ensuring that all court filings and legal documentation are properly executed.

If the need to value assets arises, we work closely with your assigned financial advisors and other professionals. Accountants and real estate agents can also be brought in to provide professional advice.

While in probate, the payment of the deceased’s debts is supervised by the court, as is the distribution of the assets to named persons or heirs (in the case there is no will). We will make sure your estate gets individual, focused attention to make sure your wishes are followed in the most cost- and tax-efficient manner possible.  

Probate Disputes

Following the intent of the deceased is central to resolving disputes surrounding wills. Questions may arise when there is good reason to believe that the deceased was under undue influence or incapacitated at the time of drafting the will. If fraud, negligence, or perhaps incapacity is suspected, we are fully equipped and skilled to ensure that your best interests are protected and efficiently settled, even in the event that litigation is necessary.

If you need legal assistance with probate, please reach out to the Clearwater, FL offices of Thompson & Fernald today. Call 727 447-2290 or contact us to arrange a consultation.