Estate Planning

By establishing an estate plan, you are securing your legacy and ensuring your wishes are followed.

Proper estate planning is more than writing a last will and testament and setting up trusts. Directing parameters for your future medical care, and setting up powers of attorney or health care surrogate designations are important items to include in your estate plan.

The team at Thompson & Fernald take great pride in delivering meticulous estate plans and directives. We care a great deal about our clients. We seek to understand not just the mechanics of your estate but also your wishes and values – that is how we prepare the most appropriate estate plan for you.

Legacy Planning

We first assess the details of your estate and create a plan to efficiently transfer your assets to your beneficiaries, with minimal tax and process. To ensure your wishes are followed, we will work with you to identify your beneficiaries, philanthropic wishes, guardianship needs for your children, and even directives for the care of your pets or fragile possessions. Copies of your estate planning documents will be kept on file and readily accessible at our Clearwater office.

Last Will & Testament

A last will & testament stipulates how your property and assets should be distributed among your declared beneficiaries. It also designates your minor child or children’s guardians and can establish a trust for minors in the event of your death, and financial provisions for their care.

In the event that you pass away without a written will, your property will be distributed according to Florida statutes, which may not reflect your wishes. If you intend to leave any assets to a non-blood relative or have particular directions you wish to be followed, it is essential to create a will. When you draft a will with our team, you know your decisions will be honored. You can change your will according to your wishes at any time.

The team at Thompson & Fernald has provided estate planning services to clients in the Clearwater, Florida area for some combined 50+ years.
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