Guardianship Administration

Having served in the field of guardianship services for some thirty years, we are one of the most experienced Clearwater lawyers in the field. Local and state agencies refer to our services due to our expertise in ensuring guardianship matters are properly and efficiently administered.

Incapacitated Individuals
When a person becomes mentally or physically incapacitated, and their health, safety, and welfare are at risk, someone has to make life, medical and financial decisions on their behalf. When the individual does not have a power of attorney in place, a guardian may be appointed by the court to exercise medical and financial decisions for the incapacitated individual. We provide legal services to assist the guardian in their legal duty to protect the individuals cared for by the guardian safeguarding their estate from exploitation and neglect, and protecting their health, safety, and welfare.

The establishment of guardianship for a minor or a guardian advocate for a developmentally-delayed individual are services we also provide.

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